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Best Boat

2019 Hook n' Cook

2018 Georgia Peach

2017 Tripple Secret


2015 Cool Runings

2014 Cool Runings

2013 Liberty

2012 Snatch Em

2011 Stress Buster

2010 Trident

2009 QTR

2008 Triple Secret

2007 Oh Suzanna

2006 La Mensagera

2005 Dollagon

2004 Beloved

2003 Leisure Lady

2002 Miss Becky

2001 Leisure Lady

2000 Paige Marie

Largest Dolphin

Quint Galucia (Hook n' Cook)

Jeremy Janusziewicz(LoneStar Lady)

Hiram Maldonado (Tripple Secret)


Anthony Ortiz (Cool Runings)

Sylvester Brown (Cool Runings)

Tim (Liberty)

Bill Flynn (Maragata)

Trish Rhodes (Stress Buster)

Robert Hunsberger (Trident)

Pat Barsotti (Leisure Lady)

Steve Mulkey (Type A)

Greg Pope (Oh Suzanna)

Pat Johnson (La Mensagera)

Alberto Sanchez (La Mensagera)

Ron Cole (Polish Princess)

Kelly Romano (Rock N Robin)

Phil Brems (Paige Marie)

Paul Anderson (Paige Marie)

Toby Tobias (Double Vision)

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